Easy Beef Stew

easy beef stew

This beef stew is the perfect easy family meal.  After you’ve prepped the ingredients, it just needs to simmer, simmer, simmer!  The recipe makes enough that you’ll have some extra left over to freeze, or you can double it from the get-go for the perfect bulk-cooking meal.  We like to make this as soon as […]

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White Chicken Chili

white chili

   If you’re like me, you are probably most familiar with red chili recipes, like our award winning chili.  While I am definitely partial to the more familiar (at least to me!) style, this white chicken chili recipe is really good too!  The texture and flavors are different, but it is definitely still a good bowl […]

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6 Hacks for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Grocery Shopping on a Budget

When trying to save money, grocery shopping can be a huge expense. This is especially true for large families, college students, or anyone who just needs to save a little money. Grocery shopping on a budget can sound a bit daunting, especially if you have multiple mouths to feed.  However, there are ways to cut […]

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