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S’mores Bars


In our family, we love s’mores year round.  We have toasted marshmallows over our gas stove burners to make s’mores in the dead of winter.  We’ve microwaved marshmallows to make s’mores while living in a temporary apartment just to satisfy a craving.  The best kind of s’mores, though, are the ones we’ve made during our […]

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Mac & Cheese

We all love the bright orange mac & cheese that comes in a box, but I promise you, the homemade version is well worth the (small amount) of additional effort.  We made this to serve at a mac & cheese bar at our Super Bowl party, complete with mix-ins like crispy bacon, caramelized onions, tomatoes, […]

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Salty Cinnamon Fudge

This creamy, salty-sweet fudge takes 10 minutes to prep & it can be made with just a few dollars worth of ingredients.  If you’re not into cinnamon, leave it out.  Or, better yet, try experimenting with other bold flavors like cayenne or chipotle pepper powder, or substitute in some peanut butter chips.  It’s totally customizable! […]

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