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Soft Pretzel Bites

soft pretzel

These homemade soft pretzel bites are waayyy better than the ones you get at your local sports stadiums!  They are time-consuming, so while we consider this to be an easy family recipe, there’s time needed for letting the dough rise & boiling the bites in a baking soda bath.  I promise you though, they are […]

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Candied Almond Recipe

This Candied Almond Recipe is quite tasty and easy to make. These make a great treat and are a perfect inexpensive gift for around the holiday season.  If you just get some decorative packaging for them, you will have a very thoughtful, homemade gift! This is a large batch recipe so don’t be afraid to […]

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Cheesy Beef Sticks

Cheesy Beef Sticks   Print These Beef Sticks are awesome and you’ll be the most popular person around when you have these. Author: Jason Bolte Recipe type: Snack Ingredients 16 lbs of lean hamburger 93% lean 6 lbs of ground pork 80% lean 1 packet of Grandpa Josh’s Snack Stick Seasoning package 2 lb of […]

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